About Us

Dust Management UK specialises in the control and mitigation of dust and dust related nuisance from a variety of sources.

Nuisance dust emissions from construction, demolition and other civil engineering activities are a common problem. Fine particles (less than 10 mm in diameter, known as PM10) from these sources are also now recognised as significant local sources of pollution. Owing to their small size, they can be carried long distances from sites even in light winds and may therefore have an adverse effect on the local environment and on the health of local residents, as well as on those working on the site.

Under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 and the UK Air Quality Strategy, Local Authorities are required to work towards achieving national air quality objectives. Construction site operators therefore need to demonstrate that both nuisance dust and fine particle emissions from their sites are adequately controlled and are within acceptable limits

Dustmanagement UK can assist you in the drawing up and design of individual Dust Management Plans, the supply of dust palliatives as well as offering expert advice on BPM (Best Practicable Means) and BAT (Best Available Technique) to ensure that you meet your legal obligations.

The legislation to which you must adhere is varied and numerous; The Environment Act 1995,  The UK National Air Quality Strategy, The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, COSHH Regulations, The Clean Air Act 1993, The Control of Pollution Act 1974, The Environmental Protection Act 1990 and all the Construction Codes of Practice to name but a few. Let us assist you through the process and help you to satisfy the Governments and the Local Authorities requirements.