Labour Intensive Asphalt

We are pleased to be able to offer Insitu-Asphalt as a possible solution for customers that operate in areas where poverty relief social upliftment and skills transfer projects are delivered. Interest in such a product has already been shown by government organisations looking to mobilise local workforces in post conflict situations and as a means of reducing casualties from Improvised Explosive Devices.

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Labour Enhanced Construction

Labour Based Insitu-Asphalt Maximises Labour Input

Whilst still complying with relevant technical specifications for asphalt mix design, labour based Insitu-Asphalt can help maximise labour input. The product is specifically designed as a labour enhanced, in situ mixed and placed asphalt that uses over 80% locally sourced materials thereby minimising transportation costs and retaining maximum benfit in the community. The final asphalt mix is applied at ambient temperatures and is therefore especially suited to the labour intensive construction of asphalt surfaces. Insitu-Asphalt is an alternative to traditional machine laid products, cold mix asphalts or other road surface seals such as Otta Seals, Gravseals, Cape Seals and Sandseals.

A True Labour Enhanced Asphalt.

Designed from the outset to use the minimum of plant and to maximise the labour content, Insitu-Asphalt is well suited to South Africa’s Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP). Insitu-Asphalt is not a pre-mixed asphalt that is made in a factory and then transported to site ready made. Insitu-Asphalt is made in situ” at the construction site using the simplest of equipment and the minimum of imported materials therefore maximising the labour component. Labour based Insitu-Asphalt, helps to retain the maximum funding benefit within the community and assists in ensuring that skills transfer targets are met. Insitu-Asphalt is an ideal solution for State and Government funded projects aimed at social upliftment and promoting emerging contractors in Africa and other developing economies. Insitu-Asphalt lends itself to use in a variety of donor funded projects such as those promoted by the ILO, DFID, US, EU & DBSA for infrastuructural development programmes as well as for aid agency or humanitarian relief projects throughout the world.

Building Roads Between Villages

Insitu-Asphalt Mix Design Conforms to Standard Engineering Specifications.

To ensure specification compliance and engineering good practice, the final asphalt mix is designed to conform to South Africa’s TRH 8 specification for ‘fine or medium continuously graded asphalt’. The application methodology has been designed to ensure consistent results that can be verified in the laboratory following standard testing procedures. As part of our commitment to excellence, Insitu-Asphalt’s specification, performance and methodology is being continually reviewed and refined to best meet the needs of clients, contractors and engineers.

Insitu-Asphalt Contains Only Conventional Asphalt Aditives

Insitu-Asphalt utilises only traditional asphalt additives that are combined in a unique and novel formulation, there are no components in the filler or final mix that are considered non standard additives for conventional asphalt. Insitu-Asphalt is a mixture of conventional fillers, bitumen extenders and anti stripping agents combined with anti oxidants and binder enhancers specifically chosen to help the final asphalt mix meet traditional design criteria.  The fillers and additives have been designed to be blended with selected aggregates and water based bituminous emulsion in the manufacture of asphalt for general road surfacing and repair.

For additional information take a look at our pages on Asphalt Mix Design and Asphalt Material Requirements.

Insitu-Asphalt Can Help You Meet Your Projects Labour Component Objectives

To see for your self how Insitu-Asphalt can be used cost effectively in Labour Intensive projects, download a copy of our Quantities & Cost Estimator. To look at the a pictoral illustration of the asphalt application procedure go straight to our page on Labour Intensive Construction or download a copy of our video Sealing Roads with Labour Based Insitu-Asphalt.

Insitu-Asphalt Applications

Insitu-Asphalt Creates Employment

  • Labour based construction and sealing of roads
  • Road maintenance and repair
  • Poverty relief programmes
  • Labour enhanced road building
  • Infrastructure development
  • Labour intensive construction
  • EPWP mentorship projects
  • Humanitarian relief projects
  • Aid agency programmes
  • Employment intensive investment programmes
  • Social upliftment and skills transfer
  • Pothole Repairs
  • Rural and residential roads

Advantages of Insitu-Asphalt

Labour Based ASphalt - Machine Laid Finish

  • Ideally suited to labour based construction
  • Mix design conforms to South African TRH 8
  • Exceeds design criteria for E4 classification of roads (TRH8)
  • Easy application – no specialised equipment necessary
  • Applied at ambient temperatures, so no heating is required
  • Self-priming – ideal for overlays
  • Low VOC’s and other volatile emissions – utilises water based bitumen emulsion (SABS 309)
  • Minimal disruption to traffic – no hot asphalt to use in a given time, so as much or as little can be sealed as is practicable
  • Cost effective – over 80% of the final asphalt mix is sourced locally thereby significantly reducing transportation costs
  • Utilises local labour therby retaining funding in the community
  • Unskilled teams can be successfully laying asphalt to a high standard after a few hours instruction

Environmental Impact of using Insitu-Asphalt

  • Insitu-Asphalt is considered to be environmentally friendly, it has no long-term adverse impact on the environment and is safe to handle. It is considered non-toxic and non-hazardous.